Themed Glass Pipe Art Trends

Initially, you may think a pipe, is a pipe, is a pipe.

Themed categories? Yes, glass pipe art is quite expansive. Not only is there nearly unlimited pieces one can find in these eight categories but much more not mentioned
here. Themed glass pipes are some of the coolest pipes on the planet and truely an
art in and of themselves.

Character Themed – These include any glass pipes that have characters as their theme, i.e. Gremlin Glass Pipe, Pink Panther glass pipes, R2D2 Glass pipes, cookie monster pipes, Snoopy or Brian the dog glass pipes, and many more that are usually recognizable cartoon characters or other famous personality or cartoon personality.

Animal Themed – These include animals specifically, such as, Panda Head pipes, Octopus and Frog pipes, Sea life, Birds and the list goes on, but if it were a Nemo pipe it’s character vs animal. In general, an animal category would only include non-famous

Object Themed – This category of glass pipe would include anything that is not in any
of the other theme categories, such as Dice themed bong. That would just about fit in sports though, or word themed bongs, i.e. ‘Fuck Off’ bong, or ‘420’ bong.

Food Themed – Water bongs and glass pipes made to look like food or have food on
or in them are great and there are many in this category that I have seen. The wake
and bake bacon and eggs pipe, banana pipes, pickle pipes, sundae dab rigs, ice cream cone pipes, apple and cherry pipes, and so many more!

Nature Themed – Tree and mushroom pipes are among the most popular. Nature themed and natural pipes have many options from elk horn pipes to leaf pipes, from stone pipes to a long totem peace pipe. Nature themed pipes are always big sellers and popular for all crowds.

Steampunk Themed – Most of the time these are pipes that have been electroplated but
not all times. Steampunk themed pipes are characterized by the look, gears, metal, rust,
pipage and tubing, all melted into either glass bongs or pipes. There are some really high-end steampunk electroplated glass pipes out there ranging in the thousands of dollars for
a single piece.

Alien Themed – Alien themed glass pipes and bongs are also prevalent on the scene.
Often pipes with slime neon green glass or highlights and with Alien faces and heads.
These are often combined with electroplating as well.

Sports Themed – These are any pipes that resemble or allude to any kind of sports or
game. Some popular pieces include 8-ball bongs, baseball bat pipes, dice Pipes, football
sports team pipes, baseball team pipes, basketball themed bongs, bowling pin water bongs and more.

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